Napa – October 2013

Back to Napa for trip #3…Our first trip since returning home from our big trip.

This was – as is the usual for our domestic trips – a quick long weekend vacation.  We left on Thursday—at 5:00 a.m.  I was not even aware that flights left New Orleans that early, but they do.  The good thing about heading out that early is that we got nearly a full day in on that day, as opposed to losing a day to travel.

We flew United with a stop in Houston on the way over, and it was pretty uneventful.  One thing of note is that flight was the last one we’ll take that we had to power down our phones/ipads…at least domestically.

And because there is no other better place to mention it, I’ll do so now.  We detoured to Muir Woods before making our way to Napa.  This is a redwood forest with some walking paths and trails.  Having never been to such a place, we enjoyed the stop and considered it well worth the 45-60 additional minutes of driving.


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Anguilla 2011 Retro Review

We really enjoyed Anguilla.  It is a flat (Coral) Island and is known for its great beaches and fine dining options.  Anguilla is relatively “new” in terms of Caribbean tourism, so it is not overly developed – which is nice.

We went in May, which is actually the beginning of low season in Anguilla (and the Caribbean in general).  I like going at that time of the year because it is before hurricane season (and heart of summer) – so you don’t have to worry about that.  But it is low season, so you avoid the high season rates.

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Napa 2012 Retro Review

General Thoughts

This was our second trip to the wine country.  This time we decided to spend the whole trip in Napa.  We were there for 4 nights/5 days in early August.  The weather was pretty similar to what I remember it being in May – cool mornings, warm to hot afternoons.  It may be a little warmer in the afternoons than May…Still very comfortable compared to Southern Louisiana.  The grapes were pretty well grown at this time, but it was still too early to try to taste any.

Our first trip we really planned around food/dining – wineries were secondary.  This time it was the opposite, wine was the primary focus and the dining was much more quick and casual.  Also, we concentrated on some of the more off the beaten path wineries/areas this time.

I planned to bring back much more wine than the first trip…but we still came back with (or are getting shipped) more wine than I anticipated.  I still believe that the best and most economical way to come back with wine is to buy a shipping box and check it on the plane.

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Napa 2010 Retro Review

I typed this up a couple years ago after we got back from Napa.  It’s long, but I had some friends that would be travelling there soon.  Plus, I like having the reports (same as now with the wrap ups).  We have since been back to Napa, so it is fun to go back and read the report.

We should be back to current stuff tomorrow.  Here is Napa 2010 with some pictures from Alyce’s facebook account:

 Napa – May 2010

I enjoyed this trip more than I was expecting too.  Going into it I was excited about all of the eating out plans and thought touring/tasting the wineries would just be a filler during the day to get to the meals…I was wrong.

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Retro Review: British Virgin Islands

We’re tight on time right now, but I had typed up reviews of our trips in the past.  So this can serve as some interim entertainment

British Virgin Islands – June 2009 (Honeymoon)

We went to the British Virgin Islands for 15 nights on our honeymoon.  We stayed on two different islands (for a week each), in addition to a night spent on St. Thomas the day we arrived.



On the whole, we loved the BVI’s.  We always felt safe on the islands.  They were not overly touristy.  Plus there were plenty of things to do when you actually are looking for something to do.

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