Japan Wrap Up

Disclaimer:  The following is thorough…extremely thorough.  I write so much on my trip reports (and always have – I’ll probably post some retro reviews when things get slow) for several reasons:  As a journal/report for myself, to help others who may be planning trips to  the same destinations, and (now) to benefit anyone who finds our blog while searching for specific terms (I know I relied on others’ blogs in planning).  The point is, the post is long.  If you don’t feel like reading, scroll through and find the pictures you like then read about them…there will not be a quiz when I return…unless that is a trick.  So here it is, the Japan wrap up:

Arriving in Japan after a 2 hour 45 minute flight in Cathay Pacific business class (which was excellent), it quickly became evident that we were not in Hong Kong any longer…The country’s respective cross walk sounds do a better job of describing the difference than I could:  Hong Kong was like an old time bell/ringing fire alarm going off when it was time to cross the street; Japan was like a pleasant, occasional intercom chime.

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Kyoto, Japan in Pictures

Taking pictures in Japan is kind of tough.  You have to balance taking pictues with not wanting to intrude upon people by taking pictures of them – especially in the reserved Japanese culture.  Alyce is able to get more in the action with the small camera, but there is no mistaking what I’m up to when I pick up my camera.

Anyway, here is the link to our Kyoto pictures.  Pictures sizes are availble up to the original size, as before.  I’ve also included some pictures in this post.




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It’s Snowing!!

It snowed in Kyoto today!  It was so so beautiful.  I have never seen snow (other than the “snow” that we get in New Orleans).  Although it wasn’t enough for any to accumulate on the ground, it made this amazing city even more special for me.

We spent pretty much the whole day outside (Brrrrrrrr!). I was completely bundled up, but my toes were still frozen.

This is what I had on: T-shirt, wool shirt, fleece, down jacket, rain/wind jacket, wool socks, fleece tights, jeans, 2 pairs of gloves, headband that covers my ears, a wool hat, and a scarf. Somehow, I was still cold. Justin said that he was never taking me skiing!!! I’m surprised that I could walk. Really, I just waddled around all day like an Oompa Loompa. Also, I had my scarf wrapped around my nose and mouth so that only my eyes were showing. So, I really looked like a Muslim Oompa Loompa!


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Konichiwa from Kyoto!!!

Hi everyone!

I’m a little embarrassed to post after Justin’s eloquently written and thorough Hong Kong wrap up (damn Justin, always showing me up!).  Oh well, y’all will have to suffer through my terrible writing for a little bit until Justin can compose his next beautifully written thoughts!

We got to Kyoto a couple of nights ago.  Our plane from Hong Kong was delayed about 2 hours, but we didn’t mind at all.  It gave us some time to do some writing.  Also, refer to the pictures of the Cathay Pacific lounge…we weren’t struggling!  The flight was great.  We were both disappointed that it was only 3 hours.  However, we got a full meal, wine, champagne etc.  Again, Justin got a Bailey’s on the rocks (I had no idea that he liked that so much…..I guess after 9 years together, you can still learn new things about each other!).

DSC00525 DSC00523

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