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I figured it was time to add one of these pages, as we have accumulated some content since we started.  It can be tough to navigate – hopefully this helps.

I (Justin) and Alyce both have written a lot of posts.  In general my posts are longer summaries of whole trips or destinations.  The bulk of the post will read like a daily journal.   They can be long…I don’t blame anyone if they don’t read the whole thing.  My suggestion would be to read the intro and concluding thoughts sections, as that is where I can give a lot of opinions.

Otherwise, there are plenty of pictures.  You can just scroll through and read about what  looks interesting to you.  You can also search the text by pressing “Ctrl + F” – I generally make an effort to spell places, restaurants, etc. correctly.

I also have typed up several posts on planning and/or travel advice – I include credit card/points and miles related posts in this category.  You can go straight to that category if that’s what you’re looking for.

Back to Alyce…She typically writes her posts on a daily (or close to it) basis while we’re travelling.  Her posts generally give a better feel for the travel – at least how she was feeling – and can have more details on some activities or restaurants we have eaten at.  I don’t get too into details on my posts (especially more recently), as they are already way too long.

You can find my posts by clicking on my name on a post I wrote, or you can find Alyce’s posts by clicking on her name in a post she wrote.  Or right here: Justin or Alyce

Another way to find what you’re looking for are the categories on the right side of the page.  These are typically organized by trip or a selected topic.  Clicking one will show you all the posts in that category.

Below the categories, you can find the post tags.  Each post can have several tags.  Clicking a tag will show you all posts tagged with that word/phrase.  In the tag cloud, the more common tags are larger; the less frequently used tags are smaller.

Last – but definitely not least – you can search the site.  The search box is in the top right of the page and can be very effective at helping you find what you’re looking for.

If all that fails, you can always email us.