[Editor’s Note: this is severely out of date.  We’ll update it at some point…probably.]

We’re a married couple in our late twenties.  We love to travel (and find a great deal in the process).  We decided to start a blog to chronicle our travels and provide a means for our family and friends to follow us along the way.



This is Chunk.  He’s a 5 year old English bulldog and has the funniest personality of any dog I’ve ever met.  Chunk loves to sleep (particularly in his dad’s La-Z-Boy), eat dinner, and avoid going on walks.  Chunk especially loves Christmas and opening Christmas presents.  He hates when we travel, and we often find him in the closet chewing on the suitcases.  He certainly lives up to the bulldog name.



This is Moose.  He’s a 2 1/2 year old English Mastiff and has the sweetest, most gentle personality.  Moose loves going on walks, his brother Chunk, and pill pockets.  He weighs in at a little under 200 lbs, but he has no idea how big he is.  Moose is momma’s shadow, and we can’t go for a walk without someone stopping us to comment on the difference in our sizes!

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