Sydney Wrap Up

Well…We’ve been home for about 2.5 months, and I’m finally getting around to finishing up my “wrap ups.”  As one might imagine, taking 3 months off tends to put you behind the 8 ball at work, so – needless to say – I’ve been pretty busy in that regard.

Fortunately, I kept good notes and have Alyce’s blog posts to look back on.  Plus, I have a decent memory, so I should be able to recap things almost as well as if I had wrote this while we still on the trip.  On to Sydney…

Sydney is the largest city in Australia; its metropolitan area population (4.7 Million) would put it between Detroit and Seattle in the US.  So it is a big city, but not huge.  The city was pretty clean—maybe slightly less so than some of the Asian cities, but still very clean.  I also found Sydney to be very safe, as was the case with most of the places we visited.

Sydney’s downtown – at least from a tourism perspective – is located around a little cove off of Sydney Harbor call Circular Quay.  A quick note: Quay is pronounced as “key” (like you lock/unlock things with)…something we did not figure out until our last day in Sydney.

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Sydney In Pictures

Usually, I try to post the wrap up and pictures before I move on to a new destination, but I am getting behind on typing the wrap ups…So here are the Sydney pictures; the Port Douglas wrap up will hopefully be up before too long.

I was able to break out the tripod more in Sydney.  It is a little dorky, but it let me get some great night shots – as well as pictures of us together.  It also let me do some cool stuff that I may be able to post later.

Here is the link to all the pictures in full size.  Some are below:!i=2367077295&k=XT4k2NL

DSC_3321 DSC_3151

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Sydney, Part 2

After such a big meal at Quay (which we later learned is pronounced “Key”), we wanted to sleep in a little bit and have a later breakfast.  Unfotunately, the housekeeping lady was ringing the door bell before 9 am.  It was so weird.  That’s the first time we had that problem!  Well, we were awake after that and decided to head down to breakfast.

The breakfast at the Park Hyatt in Sydney was very good, but it is an extremely busy restaurant.  The views are beautiful and it seemed like it is a popular spot for brunch.  As a result, the service is somewhat slow.  Usually, we just attribute the difference in service expectations as a difference in culture.

It has been interesting to learn the different terms that Australians use for coffee.  For example, a “long black” is two shots of espresso over boiling water.  A “short black” is two shots of espresso.  A “flat white” is similar to a latte.  Usually, we just took the easy road and ordered cappucino.

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We got to Sydney around 4pm yesterday.  The flight was pretty quick (just under 3 hours), and we easily grabbed our bags and hopped in a taxi.  We were pretty surprised that the taxi driver wanted the address to the hotel.  I think that the Park Hyatt in Sydney is fairly well known.  He was Asian and there also seemed to be a slight language barrier (which we weren’t expecting).  Luckily, we both had SIM cards in our cell phones, and we quickly looked it up.

Justin warned me that the Park Hyatt Sydney does not do automatic suite upgrades for the diamond members.  However, they are supposed to upgrade you to the the best available non-suite room.  Most of the hotel has an incredible view of the Sydney Opera House and a balcony overlooking the harbour.  We didn’t get either of those things.  The person checking us in said that the hotel was completely booked, and they couldn’t upgrade our room.  Justin was pretty disappointed by this, as he was really looking forward to taking pictures of the Opera House from our room (I’ll let him go into more detail about it).

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