Port Douglas, Australia Wrap Up

Hello 100% English speaking country.  It is very nice to see you.  Your food: pretty similar to what you find in America.  The most exciting thing ever—nope.  What we were in the mood for—absolutely.

No more wondering if a soup was a main course or appetizer.  No more menus in complete Japanese.  Much less asking each other “do you know what this is?” and hearing back “nope, but it is good.”

Don’t get me wrong, we loved Asia, but it was great to be someplace that was familiar…Well, mostly familiar.  We are not on a vacation, but a holiday.  You don’t watch your step, you mind your step.  You don’t get in line, but queue up.  After a thank you, it is not you’re welcome or no problem, but no worries (I’ve even been told no drama)…And of course, you drive on the left and the steering wheel is on the right.

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Port Douglas

I can’t belive that it’s almost time to leave Port Douglas!  We have had so much fun, but we’ve been busy!

Yesterday, we visited the Wildlife Habitat and had Breakfast with the Birds.  The Wildlife Habitat is a little different than a zoo.  You really got to enter into their environment, rather than observing the animals from an enclosed space.  There were tons of birds flying around.  I am not a big fans of birds…..bad childhood experience (those birds in City Park are aggressive!). The highlights of the Wildlife Habitat were: getting to hold the koala bear and feeding the kangaroos/ wallabies.


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Great Barrier Reef!

Well, we made it to Australia!  Australia and New Zealand are how this whole trip got started, and I can’t wait to see what they have to offer!

We took the Qantas airbus A380 from Singapore to Sydney (a super big double decker plane). This was our second first class flight (the other one was the Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong). Of course, we wanted to get the full experience!  Go big or go home. Well, we should have gone home. The flight was only about 7 hours.  When they woke us up for landing, we were both sick as dogs! It’s hard to resist free flowing booze. We’re only human…..although neither of us felt human by the end! It must have been poisoned wine.

DSC00772 DSC00777

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