Great Ocean Road and South Australia Wrap Up

The scope of this portion of the trip evolved greatly over the course of planning for the trip.  At first, it was nothing…maybe a day trip on the Great Ocean Road from Melbourne.  Then it was drive the Great Ocean Road in a day to Adelaide and do day trips from there to Kangaroo Island and the Barossa Valley.  It didn’t take me too long to figure out that was a horrible idea.

The final itinerary ended up at 7 nights, and I’m glad it did.  This was one of my favorite portions of the trip (especially South Australia).  Alyce really liked it too, though it may have lost a point or two in her book for being more rustic.


The Great Ocean Road (“GOR”) is a 150 mile coastal highway commissioned by Australia to put soldiers returning from World War I to work.  It is also the world’s largest war memorial, being dedicated to soldiers that passed in WWI.

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Today, we continued our drive towards Kangaroo Island, stopping in one of Australia’s main wine growing regions – Coonawarra.  The weather in Coonawarra is much warmer than New Zealand.  This region is known for making some really beautiful big red wines.  This is the type of wine that Justin and I prefer.  We love going to Napa to try all the great Cabernet Sauvignon.  Coonawarra is the most similar style to Napa that we have seen so far.

We visited three vineyards: Parker Estate, Majella, and Penley Estate.  We really enjoyed all three of them.

DSC02178 DSC02177

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