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  1. Just got home and got y’all’s message!! Sorry we missed your call…we were bringing my car to shop…can’t wait to hear from y’all!! Have fun, and love you both!!

  2. Love the blog! If nursing, engineering or law doesn’t work out you can always support yourself being travel agents.

    I am dying to see your suit, Justin.. it looks like a TERRIFIC fit. Are you shipping it or stuffing it in your bag?

    Alyce, get some gorgeous pearls while you’re there. Nice way to remember your trip.

    COntinued bon voyage.

    • Thanks Mrs. Mary!! Justin wore his suit last night. I couldn’t believe how well it fit!! He is keeping it to wear throughout the trip, hopefully it will still fit by the end 🙂

  3. Thank you both for doing this blog. I am loving every little detail. Alyce I had a LOL over not grabbing the ticket fast enough to exit, (I have had that experience). Justin you are a great husband and travel companion to buy another ticket….twice!
    Looking forward to tomorrow’s adventure!!

    • Thanks Mrs. Gail, we are so glad you are following us!! Yeah, I had some issues with the transportation in Kyoto! I know that I looked like an idiot. Poor Justin, he’s so patient!

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