Beach Days and Old Towns

We spent the last couple of days in Naxos hanging at the beach and visiting some old towns. Surprisingly, the water is not as cold as it felt on the first evening we arrived. We all enjoyed swimming in the super clear water.

The villa has some chairs set up, so it was very simple to spend the day lounging on the beach. They even had some snorkel equipment that James could use. There aren’t any real reefs to check out, but James liked swimming around and looking at the few fish that passed by. There is no current and the water is super calm.

After the beach, we went to “old Town” Naxos and visited Apollo’s temple and ended the day with dinner by the water.

Apollo’s temple
At first, they sent out 3 limoncellos…. then realized James is a kid and traded it out for Satsuma syrup.
Cocktails with Citron (liquor of Naxos)

Quick little aside about breakfast at Villa Paradise. It is soooo good. There is no menu. They just start bringing things out. Justin said that it was a little extra to get breakfast included (like 28 euros/ day) but super reasonable. We have enjoyed it so much and learned that James is a huge fan of Greek yogurt with honey and Quince marmalade. They also bring out fresh fruit, eggs, pastries, bread, and mini pancakes.

One more thing…… this villa smells like Jasmine, and I don’t want to leave.

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