Burgundy, day 2

Well, today we overslept and very nearly missed our wine tour at Jadot. We jumped out of bed about 10 minutes before it was time to leave and, luckily, arrived soon after it started. Jadot is a very large producer of Burgundy wines, and it was interesting to see how these large scale operations work.

After that, we had a beautiful lunch at Maison Lameloise.

This is an octopus and snails dish
Never enough cheese
Roasted fig dessert

After lunch we had a tour and tasting at Bouchard Pere and Fils. They are also a very large Burgundy producer. The estate is very beautiful and has alot of history.

I loved the roof
wine that is aging

I found the tasting very informative. The guide spoke very good English, which certainly helps. Burgundy wines can be a bit (extremely) confusing in their labeling. They are labeled by the region and actual plot of land that the vines are planted on.

There are “Grand Crus” that are planted on certain area of land in Burgundy that was determined by French beaurocrats in the 1930s. If a winemaker doesn’t have vines on this land, they can’t make a Grand Cru. There are also “premier crus” that are determined in the same way.

BUT, the easy thing about Burgundy wines is that the reds are 100% pinot noir and the white are 100% chardonnay.

The other thing I learned is that I LOVE Burgundy wines….. both red and white.

After the tasting we went into Beune (pronounced Bone) and walked around the city.

We ended up going to Hospices de Beune. It was a hospital used to take care of the poor, but eventually got alot of money from French nobility.

I found this super interesting. This is an ether mask for giving anesthesia.

My big takeaway from this is, thank God for modern medicine!!! Things were very primitive back then. Yikes.

Anyway, tomorrow we leave Burgundy and head to the Rhone region.

Quick housekeeping thing: If anyone is having issues with the blog pulling up pictures, Justin said that you may need to open it in an “incognito” window. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

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