Off to Champagne!

This morning, we left Paris at a firm 8:30 (per the travel Captain). We are headed to Champagne for 2 nights and have our first tasting at 11:00.

Getting out of the city center was challenging. There are cars, trucks, motorcycles, pedestrians, and bicycles coming from every direction. The actual lanes seem to be more optional and everyone is just doing their own thing. Luckily we neither hit anybody nor need to file for divorce. Justin didn’t appreciate my “helpful” comments from the passenger seat. 😬😬

Fortunately, we made it to our first tasting safe and sound. It is a smaller House called Larmandier-Bernier. We had a nice tour and tasting. We have been on many wine tours, but this was our first champagne tour. It was very interesting hearing about the process and how it differed from regular wine making. The champagne was good as well, so we took a few bottles to go.

Our next tour was at Billecart-Salmon. My sweet friend, Karen, gifted me with a bottle of the rose’ champagne about a year ago so I was familiar with the House (although we didn’t drink the bottle until my last birthday which was not too long ago). It is Karen’s favorite and now I understand why.

Billecart-Salmon is family owned over 7 generations. We had a wonderful and informative tour, got to view the property, and taste some very high end champagne. They were pouring the good stuff.

After the tour, we went back to our room. We are staying in a place that’s not quite a hotel but not quite a vacation rental. It is a nice room (that’s not within a main house), but the owner stays on property and she and her husband prepare breakfast etc. It has plenty of space and should work out great.

For dinner, we ate at a place called Les Jardin Brasserie. It was a bit underwhelming after all the fanatic meals we had had in the last few days. I guess we were due one of those.

Anyway, day 2 in champagne tomorrow. The schedule is: champagne tasting, fancy lunch, champagne tasting. We better rest up (lol).

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  1. Hey gang – for some reasons non of the images on the site will load. I’m getting a “Permission denied” message.

    • Oh dang! I don’t know why that’s happening. Have you had any luck recently? Justin said to try to open it in an “incognito” window. Do you know what that means? I don’t

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