2019 was a rough year for dogs in the Ittmann household.  Today, Moose joined his brother Chunk in puppy heaven.  He was 9 and a half years old (6/19/2010 – 12/23/2019).  Having been through this with Chunk less than a year ago, I thought we’d be better prepared, but telling Moose good bye still devastated us.  If anything, our 5 year old handled it the best.

Moose was the sweetest, kindest dog around.  His goal on earth was to make us happy.  For him, just being by us was all he needed.  Those were the traits I remembered from our mastiffs when I was young, and Moose lived up to it every bit.  He was loud and made a mess just about everywhere, but that was part of his charm.  There were several times friends would be over and would just start laughing.  I had no idea what was going on at first, but it turns out we were so used to Moose snoring in the middle of a room like a grown man that we didn’t even notice it.  Obviously, everyone else did.

Alyce flew to California to pick up Moose nearly a decade ago, but it seems like recent memory.  This was the first of many times his momma spoiled him.  He was in a travel kennel for the flight but managed to convince his mom to let him out on the plane to visit…only leading to a big mess developing mid flight.


When he got home, he was just about potty trained immediately and rarely misbehaved.  Coming from Chunk as a puppy, this was shocking.  Really, Chunk never stopped mis-behaving, he just got too lazy to get into trouble.  Moose on the other hand listened from day 1.

IMG_1854 IMG_1864 IMG_1957

Moose took to Chunk the moment they met.  Chunk was a little slower to warm to this new energetic (relatively speaking) puppy, but he did after a brief adjustment period.  From then on, they were best friends.  Chunk would push his limits, and Moose gave him a ton of slack considering that he was much, much bigger and stronger.  Many nights, Chunk would just go straight to Moose’s food bowl and start eating.  Moose would look around a little confused then just start eating Chunk’s food. None of this made any sense, since they got the exact same food and never really were running short.  But that’s just the way Chunk was sometimes.  Moose just adjusted and went with the flow of things.

IMG_1971 IMG_2079 IMG_2257 IMG_1869 20171220_214822 IMG_0052

While they both wanted to be by us most of the time, Moose had a bit of a more independent streak than Chunk.  Chunk seemed to have a sensor that would go off when you closed a door blocking him out, at which point he would show up and bark endlessly.  Moose on the other hand, was much more independent.  He was happy laying in our room during the day by himself.  Sometimes he just liked the quiet.  When we moved to the new house, my office was upstairs.  Moose never once tried to come up, nor did he fuss at the bottom of the stairs.  Had Chunk been around, he would have chewed through a gate at the bottom to come up (assuming we even would have bothered with a gate).

Anyway, that’s a lot of talking about Chunk in a post about Moose, but that’s the way it has to be.  They were a pair pretty much Moose’s whole life.


Things obviously changed greatly in our lives when James arrived in 2014.  As stated in Chunk’s post, they both handled the transition as well as could be expected.  Chunk and James always got along, but James and Moose really had a close relationship.

20151217_164252 79967013_10111686259204905_5517584729567657984_o 80813422_10111686259589135_1656208164648910848_n 20160401_155810 20180520_112502 DSC_2847 DSC_9829

James called Moose his “Super-Dog.”  Moose could handle anything in James’s eyes.  As James started getting older and occasionally being scared of things (like going to bed in the dark), we’d have to bring in the Super-Dog to sleep in his room to help James fall asleep.  As Moose got older, he liked young kids more and more.  This became extremely obvious as many of our friends started having kids and Moose would just go kiss and lay by the babies.

DSC_0102-2 DSC_2756 20140921_134104

Moose’s last year with us, he got to experience the only dog life – and most of it in the new house.  He missed Chunk but definitely enjoyed getting 100% of the attention.  He got more treats, went in and out just about as much as he pleased, and really lived the life.

20190907_154518 20190404_171108

His favorite thing to do at the new house was sit out on the porch with us.  It was Alyce and I’s favorite thing to do as well.  He was so happy to just be sitting out with us, and it was great to have him there without having to worry about him at all.  That’s one of the things we’ll miss most with him gone.

I could type on and on about Moose, but there is not much more to say than he is all you could ask for in a dog.  He would have done anything for us.


He lived a great life.  9.5 years for a mastiff is a good run.  During that time he was nearly perfectly healthy – he had an occasional ear infection, but that was it.  We could not have asked for more, and Moose never wanted for anything.  It’s still difficult to say good-bye regardless of those realities.  It’s rough.

With Chunk, time has healed the wounds.  He is gone, but definitely not forgotten.  Moose will certainly never be forgotten either and will remain a member of our family forever.  I know we’ll feel better with time, and Moose will live in our memories.  We’ll love him always.

DSC_8852-2 DSC00214 80640876_10111686259224865_2552400485923422208_o

And as with Chunk, here are a bunch more because that’s what I want to post.

DSC_0547 DSC_0157 DSC_0138 DSC_0121 81501217_10111686260337635_273480663888297984_n 81143960_10111686260162985_9078377690448265216_n 80813422_10111686259589135_1656208164648910848_n 80657029_10111686260362585_5993794734659731456_n 80640876_10111686259224865_2552400485923422208_o 80542925_10111686259244825_1321853821172842496_o 80415282_10111686260876555_8749373712286875648_n 80369133_10111686260532245_20522470431784960_n 80259567_10111686260367575_1988708061505650688_n 80244019_10111686259579155_743431385506643968_o 79967013_10111686259204905_5517584729567657984_o 79947815_10111686260197915_4652908375800020992_n 79887446_10111686260956395_3266522580810465280_n 20190907_154518 20190404_171108 20160813_142021 20160401_155810 20170720_124130 20170720_123447 20170529_164157 20161210_165744 20160118_182810 20151217_164252 20190110_075158 20181214_174045 20180731_193417 20171130_220244 20171112_151754 20171112_151818 20181215_090310 20180520_112502 20180520_111220 20180429_081855 20180208_182601 20180208_182528 20140921_134104 20140215_143845 20130104_093107 20121228_085939 20171220_214822 DSC_9359 DSC_9364 DSC_9405 DSC_9337 DSC_9343 DSC00214 DSC00182 DSC02829 DSC00792 DSC_9757 DSC_9655 DSC_9652 DSC_9650 DSC_9648 DSC_9646 DSC_9639 DSC_9549 DSC_2853 DSC_2850 DSC_2849 DSC_2847 DSC_2843 DSC_2842 DSC_2836-2 DSC_2836 DSC_2756 DSC_0102-2 DSC02949 DSC_3203 DSC_3111 IMG_0142 IMG_0125 IMG_0052 IMG_0029 IMG_2330 IMG_2329 IMG_2327 IMG_2326 IMG_2257 IMG_2242 IMG_2240 IMG_2238 IMG_2237 IMG_2241 IMG_2083 IMG_2077 IMG_2079 IMG_2019 IMG_1978 IMG_1974 IMG_1975 IMG_1970 IMG_1971 IMG_1957 IMG_1869 IMG_1871 IMG_1864 IMG_1859 IMG_1854 IMG_1849 IMG_1847 IMG_1846 IMG_1844 DSC_9913 DSC_9830 DSC_9829 DSC_9867 DSC09990 DSC09993 DSC_8852-2 DSC_8890 DSC_8887 DSC_8886 DSC_1337 IMG_2040 IMG_2039 IMG_2027 DSC02338

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