Visiting an Old Friend

Today we woke up and had a somewhat slow morning before heading out. We took the Subway to Plaza Santa Ana. It is a smaller square than Plaza Mayor, but I liked it better. There were two little playgrounds where James could run around. It seems like I will go anywhere that has a place for James to play. We have spent most of our vacation at playgrounds, and I’m okay with that!

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Jeff met us at the square, and we all sat and had a drink. It was really nice catching up!

dsc02204 dsc02207 dsc02208

Sam and my mom had some tapas. Then, we all walked to El Retiro park (again) and strolled around. The park is huge and gorgeous. I could spend all day in there.

dsc02212 dsc02214 dsc02218

After that, we went back to the apartment and some of us took a siesta (not James).

We had a quick dinner at Restaurant La Maruca. It was really good! Justin and I were craving something simple and just had a potato and ham omelet. My mom drank a mojito and had some squid in ink with risotto. James was pretty well behaved and that always makes everything better. He’s still hardly eating. I’m ready to get this boy home and get some red beans in him! Won’t be long now.

P.S. The thought of getting on a plane with James is making me ill. Ready or not, we’re coming home!


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