Out and About in Madrid

We set out around 10 this morning and walked around the city. We saw the Prado Museum and then walked to Puerta del Sol. After that, we went to Plaza Mayor.

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While we were at Plaza Mayor, we stopped for a quick drink. We ordered James some pineapple juice. He drank it out of a wine glass and barely spilled anything. Is it normal for a toddler to be unable to drink out of a normal cup, but can drink out of a wine glass like he’s been doing it for years? I don’t know if I should be proud or embarrassed.

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We walked to the Royal Palace and walked around the outside. It really is beautiful; however, the family does not live there anymore. Perhaps when we make it back to Spain, we will be able to tour some of the beautiful building but that’s not really an option right now. Taking James on tours is just frustrating for everyone.

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We all had lunch together at El Senador. James did very well! The waiters were trying to make him laugh, but he was being really shy. He acts like a big clown when he’s around people that he’s comfortable with, but if someone new is in the mix, he clams up. We had a delicious meal. They are know for their meats. Justin got the suckling pig, Sam and I got the suckling lamb, and my mom got some lamb chops. It was all amazing, especially the crispy skin. I think we all had the meat sweats by the end of lunch.


We decided to take the subway home and that went pretty smoothly. It’s a little more challenging with the stroller, but we have many hands to help carry our little King Tut up and down the stairs.

James fell asleep in the stroller on the way home, so we put him in his bed for a nap.

After James woke up, Nonna went shopping while Justin, James, Sam, and I went back to the park. I didn’t mention this earlier, but as we were leaving for our trip, our friend from St. Pius, Jeff, mentioned that he is living in Spain and would like to get together while we are here (I apologize for the run on sentence, but it’s too late, and I dont feel like revising). We’ve been in contact throughout the trip, and today we met up at the park! It was so wonderful to see him! Justin and Jeff were very close friends at St. Pius and throughout high school. They kind of lost touch in college, but remained friends. Jeff has been traveling in Africa for the last 6 months and is now living in Granada. He was just a bus ride away, and I’m so glad that we were able to get together and catch up. We had dinner reservations tonight but will get together again tomorrow.

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We ate at Ramon Freixa. They eat dinner very late in Spain. Restaurants often don’t even open until 9:00pm. This is tough for me. During the week at home, I like to eat around 6 and I’m in bed for 9:30. Tonight, we started a huge multi course meal at almost 9:30. It was wonderful…..one of my favorites of the trip. It’s one of those super fancy meals. Of course, I was not hungry when we went in because I’ve been stuffing my face for the past 3 weeks, but it was so totally worth it.

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Only a couple more days, and we will be heading home. Please God don’t let this hurricane mess up our travel day. I’m ready to get home!



One thought on “Out and About in Madrid

  1. I guess I better buy James his own wine glass!! LOL I love the video (Sam sent) of him swirling his glass and his mouth!! Too funny!! So happy y’all got to see Jeff!!!
    Hurricane should not mess y’all up getting home!! We are more then happy to pick y’all up!! Text or call from New York! Hope James does great on the plane rides home!!
    Love y’all and safe travels

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