Holy Crepe

Today, we set out around 9:30 to go to a market in the nearby town, Cenac. If you have read our blog before, you may remember that I have a love of markets. I feel like going to markets gives a very authentic feel to the place that you are visiting. I love to see the local people buying their produce and meats for the week. Each booth has such quality items that we love to pick up a few treats. At different booths there were vendors selling homemade sausages, cheese, honey, fruits, vegetables, meats, and seafood. dsc01680 dsc01681

We didn’t eat any breakfast so we stopped at a crepe stand. I’ve never had a crepe. I was so excited. I got the Nutella crepe and holy moly it was delicious! Of course, James wouldn’t try it. That child to so picky that it drives me crazy some days.

dsc01679 dsc01685

After that, we drove over to another town, Beynac, to walk around and see a castle. All of these little towns are so old that they almost look fake. It seems like we are walking through a village in Disney World. However, it is not the easiest to navigate the streets with a toddler and a stroller. We were walking uphill most of the way on unpaved roads. It was extremely difficult. We used a combination of different methods to make it up to the castle. After James face planted 3 times while trying to run up the hill, we put an end to that. The method that worked the best was me carrying him in the Ergo baby. So, I attempted to work off some of those crepe calories by carrying a 30+ lb toddler up a hill on a rocky road wearing ballet flats. Luckily, James and I did not go rolling down the hill! When we made it to the top of the castle, we knocked on the doors to see if Elsa and Anna were home. They were not, so we walked down the hill while trying not to slip.

dsc01688 dsc01691dsc01692 dsc01694 dsc01695

At this point, James was falling asleep off and on. I knew that a nap needed to be in his future. We went home and he finally went to sleep after putting up a good fight. This is the first “official” nap he has taken since we have been on vacation (besides falling asleep off an on in the stroller or car). We have dinner reservations at 7:30, and I wasn’t interested in dealing with another cranky, tired baby during dinner.

Justin and Sam went out to check out a cave nearby. I was looking forward to having some quiet time to myself. I painted my nails, cleaned up, did some laundry, and wrote this blog post 🙂

Justin and Sam got back around 5:30 so we packed up and to La Roque Gageac. We were hoping to take a boat ride along the Dordogne River. I was not sure what James was going to think about it, but I thought it was worth a try. Unfortunately, the boat place was closed for the evening. James was not into the idea anyway. I had this fear that James would get on the boat and totally freak out. Maybe we will try again tomorrow.

dsc01696 dsc01699dsc01702

We had dinner at La Belle Etoile. It was so good! And better yet, James was so good! The afternoon nap made a world of difference. When we got there, we asked the waiter if they had any French fries. He was very nice, but said that they didn’t have any. About 15 minutes later, he came out with a big bowl of French fries! I guess the chef chopped up a few potatoes and fried them up fresh just for James. I really hate asking for any special things, but it makes such a world of difference. It makes James happy, which makes me happy!

dsc01707 dsc01704 dsc01709

Overall, it was a good day


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  1. YAY!!! I love good days for y’all!! Looks wonderful…….I love the picture with the duck!! Looks like he thinks its real!!! Keep having fun!!
    Love and miss y’all

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