The French Life

Today, we had our first full day in St. Emilion/ Bordeaux. Our apartment is in St. Emilion which is in the Bordeaux region. We had our first wine tasting at Canon la Gaffeliere at 10:30 am. Of course, we were fashionably late. Luckily, we were the only people in the tour/tasting. James did reasonably well and really enjoys running up and down the aisles of wine barrels. I’m not sure how much the tour guide liked that but she didn’t say anything!

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After Canon la Gaffeliere, we had lunch at La Belles Perdrix at Chateau Troplong Mondot. Just FYI, I can’t remember the names of any of these places and have asked Justin every single time! The restaurant was extremely nice. There is a beautiful outdoor area overlooking the vineyards. We had a 3 course menu, and it was all wonderful. The waitresses were so nice and accommodating to James. They immediately brought him a pack of colored pencils and a coloring sheet. The chef also prepared a special meal for him: veal and French fries. He didn’t touch the veal but the French fries and kindle kept him pretty occupied for the majority of the meal. We had a soft boiled egg dish, then some monk fish, a cheese plate, then finished with a pear dessert.

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After lunch, we rushed to bring James and Sam back to the apartment so that we could make our 2:30 appointment at Chateau Clinet. This was a really cool tour because we actually got got to see the sorting process of the berries. I’m not sure if I mentioned this, but it is harvest time right now so the wineries are very busy. The tour guide was very nice and spoke good English. I am jealous that I don’t have a cool French accent like her.

We bought some wine and headed to the grocery to pick up some essentials. We got some milk, juice, meats, cheese, laundry detergent, toilet paper, and coffee.

James and Sam did well while we were gone.

We relaxed most of the afternoon. James and I watched a movie, Justin went for a walk, and Sam took a nap. I attempted to catch up on my coffee deficit by almost drinking a whole pot!

That evening, we all took a walk around the town. We bought some macarons and other sweets. James fell asleep in the ergo baby. I love wearing him and will do it until he is literally too big for me to carry.

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When we got home, I got James off to sleep, and Justin, Sam, and I enjoyed some charcuterie outside.

Tomorrow, Sam has a long day with James by herself (the longest of the trip). Justin and I are going to the Medoc region on the left bank of Bordeaux. It’s about an hour away and would be a little too much for us all to do together. I’m sure that James and Sam will be fine together.

I haven’t said much about it, but Sam has been a huge help on the trip. We never intended for her to watch him all day every day. Just having an extra hand and someone to watch him once and a while has been a game changer for me.

Everything is going great so far!


2 thoughts on “The French Life

  1. Gran says she is glad you are having a good time, loved the pic of James in the winery and hopes he does better on the flight home

  2. What an incredible trip! Love reading your blog and getting hungry, thirsty, and YES Jealous! James seems to be enjoying every minute and must be such a good little traveler! Having Sam there must be wonderful; for you and Sam! Enjoy❤️

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