A Birthday Miracle

I’m not really a birthday person. I don’t really get overly excited about it, but this year James gave me the best present ever.

Today we drove from Montalcino  to Barolo.  I’ve sort of been dreading this day because it is about a 5 hour drive and James typically doesn’t do too great on long car rides.  Our “plan” was to drive 2 hours to Pisa, get out the car, walk around, and have lunch.  Then, we were going to finish the 3 hour car ride.  As we have gotten further into this trip, we always laugh when we talk about our ” plan.” The truth is, James make the plans.  If he’s not happy, there is no point in forcing some sort of schedule.  But today, everything went according to plan!

We left Montalcino around 10:30 after a good breakfast and coffee and headed out on the road.  James stayed awake for the 2 hours until Pisa, and he was really good.  Our hope was that he would stay awake for the first half of the ride and then he could sleep the second half.

Once we got to Pisa, we parked and saw the Tower.  We were amazed at all the tourists and hawkers.  Pisa is obviously a hot spot to visit.  We walked around.  Yep, the tower surely does lean.


We found a restaurant and had a quick margarita pizza for lunch.  I did another miracle diaper change in the bathroom, and we were back on the road.


James fell asleep pretty early on the ride.  Justin and I held our breadth hoping that he would stay asleep.  The car ride was very quiet.  I was afraid that if I said anything that he would wake up.  We drove through lots and lots of tunnels and more winding hills.

About 30 minutes before we got there, James woke up.  But…..he didn’t cry and fight to get out of his seat (miracle).  He drank his milk, and we made it to our destination.

In Barolo, we are staying at Le Torri.  It is more of a traditional hotel than we have been staying in.  It’s very nice.  It overlooks all of the vineyards, and it is so beautiful!


We drank some wine from Uccelliera (the vineyard that we visited) and celebrated a successful day….. and my birthday.  We got some food from the restaurant on the property and had a nice quiet evening.

Tomorrow, we visit some vineyards in Barolo


4 thoughts on “A Birthday Miracle

  1. So glad gave you had a great Birthday! This trip seems fabulous. James seems to be hanging tough. I knew he would. These posts a priceless. Love you all and enjoy the rest of the trip. Mom

    • Overall, we have been doing really well. Not every day goes according to plan, but we knew that going into it. James has been such a trooper. We are so proud of him. We leave for Venice tomorrow, then we will be home in a couple of nights! It all went by very fast!

  2. What a great way to spend your birthday! You will remember this one forever. James is hanging in there for you all. Love the pictures- I am really enjoying this adventure with your family! Your blogs are very entertaining!! Love you all!!

  3. YAY for James!! I knew he would be a good boy!! Y’all are definitely seeing Italy!!! What a beautiful country!! Miss y’all…………..enjoy Venice!! Love y’all xxoo

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