Exploring Bali

We spent the day today touring the main attractions in Bali.  Around 9 am, our driver/ tour guide (Made) picked us up from the hotel.

First, we stopped at the Tanah Lot temple.  The temple sits on a large off-shore rock that has been formed by the ocean tides.  Because it was high tide, we weren’t able to get to the temple. But we took plenty of pictures.  The tour guide has really great about helping us get pictures together (something that is usually pretty difficult!).  Made explained to us that most of the people in Bali are Hindu, then Muslim, and lastly, Buddhist.



After the Tanah Lot temple, we visited one of the largest rice terraces in Bali: Jatiluwih.  Rice is one of the main crops grown in Bali.  The Chedi Club (where we are staying) is located in a rice field.  It was amazing to see acres and acres of green rice stalks.  It was really beautiful.  Unfortunately, it started to rain while we were there.  We have only had 3 days of rain so far (including today)!

DSC02407 DSC02396 DSC02395 DSC02394

At first, I didn’t mind the rain because it cooled things down a bit, but it really started to pour at our third stop of the day: Lake Bratan and the Ulun Danu Temple.  Some of you may know that I don’t like the rain.  Actually, I hate the rain.  I think I inherited this from my mom who also hates the rain. There is even running joke in my family that I am “dry clean only.”  So, I was pretty miserable as I was standing in the downpour wearing a white linen dress.  Of couse, I don’t hide my feelings well, and Justin knew that we better return to the van before I have a complete meltdown.

DSC02439 DSC02426 DSC02422

On the way back to the hotel, Made suggested that we stop at the coffee plantation to see where the Bali coffee comes from.  I’m really glad that we did this.  We got to walk through the plantation and look the trees that the coffee beans originate.  They also grew many exotic fruits and spices, so we were able to see that as well.

There is one type of Balinese coffee that is made in a very interesting (ie disgusting) way.  It is called Luwak coffee.  Basically, there is a cat called the civet (aka Luwak in Balinese) that eats red coffee berries.  While the berries are in the cat’s stomach, it undergoes a magical transformation.  Then, the cat poops it out.  The beans are then collected, clean, and roasted to make coffee.

We were able to try several diffent teas and coffe (including Luwak).

After that, we hung out at the hotel until dinner.  For dinner, we stayed at the hotel.  They had a traditional Balinese dance and dinner.  We met a very nice couple from Chicago and had dinner with them.  It was so nice to talk to someone without a language barrier!  He is an engineer, and she is an attorney, so we had alot in common.  Actually, she said that her dad lives in Louisiana, and she had her bachelorette party in New Orleans!  Small world.

DSC02480 DSC02477 DSC02470

Tomorrow, I plan to do nothing, and I’m looking forward to it!

XOXO Alyce


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