Kangaroo Island and Dinner with the Wallabies!

Well, we FINALLY made it to Kangaroo Island after a really long day of traveling yesterday.  It was a 5 hour drive from Coonawarra (Thank God for the iPad and TV shows) to the ferry.  The ferry was about an hour, then it was another 2 hour drive to reach our vacation rental.  But we made it!  We left around 9 am and got here around 6:30pm.

Kangaroo Island is Australia’s third largest island (after Tasmania and Melville).  It is located South West of Adelaide.  Because of its remote location, there is much more wildlife and unspoiled scenery than there is in some of the bigger areas of Australia.

To be honest, Justin and I weren’t sure that we would make it to this part of the trip.  I though for sure that we would have to be home by now due to some sort of family emergency.  But here we are……60 days and going strong!

To say that our house on Kangaroo Island is remote would be a gross understatement.  We hardly saw another car or house for the last thirty minutes of our drive (which was through a farm on unpaved road).  I looked at Justin with a face that said “what have you gotten me into again.” Actually, my exact words were, “where the shit are we!”  I don’t know why I ever doubt him.  Everything on the trip has been great, but sometimes I have to wonder how he found some of these places.


Before we got to the house, we stopped in a little town grocery.  When I say “little town,” it literally has a population of 60 people.  We needed to get some supplies for food for the next 3 nights.  Luckily, we bought a couple of things the day before and brought them with us because there wasn’t much selection- at all.  We wanted ground meat and Italian sausage for spaghetti, but our plans quickly changed! The only meat they had was a whole roasted chicken, so we bought it.  We also got some eggs, fruit, bacon, and ham.  The store looked like it was stuck in 1950’s.  The lady who worked there was very nice and helped us get the things that we needed.

When we got to the house, we were really excited.  The house is very nice and has an incredible view overlooking the water.  It doesn’t have air conditioning (not a big deal) and operates on solar power (we lost power a couple of times last night), but it has WiFi!!!!! Yeaaaaa!!  I really think that I would trade every other modern amenity in order to have Internet access, and I think Justin feels the same way.  Especially on a trip like this.  It helps me feel connected to home.

DSC02196 DSC02197


After we looked around and took some pictures, I started cooking dinner— chicken spaghetti.  I don’t typically put chicken in my red gravy (yuck), and I haven’t used jarred tomato sauce in years, but I made due with what we had, and I think it came out pretty good, given the circumstances.


While I was getting dinner ready, we had a visitor at the front door…… a wallaby!  We knew that there was a good chance of seeing some wildlife, but I didn’t think that it would be within the first 30 minutes of arrival!  The owners have some food that you can give them, and we had fun feeding him!  Then, another one showed up at the back door.  By the time we ate dinner on the patio, there were about 10 wallabies around us.  By the time we went to bed, we saw hundreds of wallabies and kangaroos.  They were everywhere!  Our favorite wallaby was the one we referred to as “fatty.”  He was the first one to show up for food and acted like he wanted to go into the house to watch TV with us and have a bowl of spaghetti.  Some of the other ones were more skiddish.


Overall, we had a great first night.  While I was sleeping, Justin heard a scratching sound on the window (like someone was trying to get in).  He looked out and saw a possum.  Luckily, the owners warned him that this may happen.  The possums are pests, so you are not supposed to feed them……but they are kinda cute!

XOXO Alyce


4 thoughts on “Kangaroo Island and Dinner with the Wallabies!

  1. Unbelievable! One place seems better than the next! I can’t imagine being surrounded by such incredible wildlife and what a view! Have fun!

    • It really is amazing. There’s not another soul around….except for the animals! It’s pretty cool to have dinner with wild kangaroos and wallabies!

  2. The wallabies are sooo cute!! I can’t imagine how dark it is out there!! I am watching amazing race right now only because they are in Bali!!! I must say Bali looks amazing!!! I can’t wait to hear about the place you are staying it looks so zen and beautiful!!!!!
    Love y’all xxoo

    • I love the wallabies, especially fatty. He’s so cute! I am really looking forward to Bali. It’s going to be different! We have been in Australia/ NZ for 35 nights! I’m ready for a vacation from this vacation!! XOXO

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