The first class “flu”

We both got it 🙁

Probably due to a combination of factors: too much fun in the lounge and in the beginning of the flight, too short of a flight (ie not enough sleep), and the fact that we had to get off the plane at 3:00 am Singapore time.

We both felt “like ass” (Justin’s words) getting off the plane and grabbed our barf bags for the first time.

Luckily, we are starting to feel human again.  Our next flight leaves in about an hour.

No pictures this post…..we are not looking too good :-/

9 thoughts on “The first class “flu”

  1. Just finished catching up with the blog and love that you both are so great about posting. What wonderful experiences! Although, I think I would be exhausted. Beautiful pictures that allow us to feel like we are there. I now want to go to Japan. I also am now very hungry for sushi and it’s almost 2 am. I loved the elephant day. So neat. Take care and hope you are feeling better. Thanks for sharing your trip with me!

  2. Love all of your pictures! The diving( which I love to do also) looked amazing and the sunset pictures are beautiful! Can’t wait to hear about your travels Down Under… Y’all are doing a fantastic job of blogging. Safe travels!

    • Yep. That’s exactly what it was. We both wanted to die when we were getting of the flight in Sydney. Justin recovered alot faster than I did (as usual). I didn’t feel better until I took a nap after we got to Port Douglas!

    • Ha! I knew that I wasn’t just making it up…..although, I wish that Karen would have said it (that would have been much cooler)! Can’t wait to catch up on all my favorite shows!

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