Chiang Mai, Thailand in pictures

Here are the pictures for Thailand…they are in a random order (because of the different cameras used to take them) and some of the pictures were taken by Patara (the elephant place) or Tiger Kingdom. ┬áThe rest – as always – were taken by us. ┬áSome pictures are below; all of them are available in full size at the link to our smugmug site:!i=2346035901&k=BRSshcR



DSC00018 DSC00090 DSC00235 DSC00236 DSC00911 DSC00915 DSC00935 DSC01029 IMG_2223 IMG_2288 IMG_2319

IMG_2396IMG_2556 IMG_2591 IMG_2600 DSC00047 DSC00055 DSC00104 DSC00146 DSC00173 DSC00213 DSC00169 DSC00121 DSC00006 DSC_2235 DSC_2016 DSC_2015 DSC_2007 DSC_0034 _DSC0059 DSC_2124 DSC_2105 DSC_2043 DSC_0021

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