Singapore Zoo, Black Pepper Crab, and Popeye’s Biscuits!

Hi everyone!

Today was our first day exploring Singapore.

First, we went to the Singapore Zoo. I know what you are probably thinking, “they rode elephants and pet tigers and now they are going to a ZOO!” At least that’s what Mr. Tommy said this morning!


We like to go to zoos in different cities, and Singapore is supposed to have one of the best zoos in the world (if not THE best).  As animal lovers, we take any opportunity to see different animals that we otherwise would never be able to see.

The Singapore Zoo did not disappoint.  There were so may rare animals that we had never seen before: giant pandas, white tigers, pygmy hippos, and sun bear.  But, the really amazing thing was how active all the animals are.  We couldn’t get over it.  Sometimes when you go to the zoo, all the animals are hiding in the shade or sleeping, but, here, almost all the animals were walking around, eating, drinking water etc.  The were all housed in beautiful habitats (even Mike the Tiger would be jealous!).

DSC01139 DSC01138 DSC01137

Most of the monkeys were free-roaming, meaning that they weren’t confined to a cage.  They refer to this as an “open-zoo.”

One of the main attractions is the new giant panda exhibit.  You had to buy an extra ticket to see this…but it was worth it.  Although they have 2 pandas, only one was out, but he was so cute!!

Some of our favorite exhibits were: the giant panda, white tiger, red panda, sun bear, rhinos, giant tortoises, manatees, and pygmy hippos.  The baby pygmy hippo reminded me exactly of Chunk.  He was so fat and had a squished in face 🙂


DSC01167 DSC01162 DSC01158 DSC01154

We love walking through each exhibit and reading about all the different animals….I know, I know….we are nerds.


After the zoo, we took a cab to EastCoast Seafood.  This is a string of seafood restaurants on the water.  Singapore is a major port city.  We couldn’t get over the number of ships in the water.  It was amazing.


On our cab ride over, the taxi driver was very friendly and asked us where we are from.  First, we said “The United States,” then we got more specific and said “New Orleans.”  And he said, “Ohhhh, that’s where Popeyes is from, right?” (!!!)   We laughed and said, “yes.”  Apparently, they have several Popeyes in Singapore.  The taxi driver said that Popeyes has very good “buns” (biscuits)…….we agreed.  It seems like peope all over the world love Popeye’s biscuits, and we can’t blame them!

Once we got to EastCoast Seafood, the taxi driver recommended a restaurant, and we took his advice.  We ate at Long Beach Seafood and ordered their specialty: Black Pepper Crab.  It. Was. Delicious.


DSC01198 DSC01197

Justin wanted to drink the peppery buttery goodness that the crab was cooked in!

After dinner, we made it back to the hotel for a glass of wine (or 2) at the club lounge.

Looking forward to tomorrow and seeing what else Singapore has to offer!

XOXO Alyce


4 thoughts on “Singapore Zoo, Black Pepper Crab, and Popeye’s Biscuits!

  1. Once again the pictures are beautiful!! I love the wild orchards! Y’all are going to have a hard time deciding what pictures to frame and keep!! The zoo looks great and so does that peppery crab dish!!! I love that y’all get to go to the club lounge and have wine too!! Can’t wait for Justin to plan our trip so that we can go to the “club lounge” and drink for free!!!!
    Love y’all XXOO

  2. The zoo seemed so nice.I would love to see a panda bear and some of the animals our zoo does not have. Peppery crab also seemed delicious.what did you eat Alyce? Today seemed like fun. Love you. Mom

    • Yea, you would have liked the zoo.
      Justin and split the crab, but we also got some greens and seafood fried rice.
      Love you!
      P.S. Why were you up so late??!!

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