We made it to Singapore!

We left Koh Lanta at 11:00 am and took a car to the Krabi airport. We didn’t have any issues with the ferries and we made good time to the airport.

Our flight was delayed about 40 minutes because the Thai princess was arriving at the airport (at least that’s what the rumor was) and there was a good bit of commotion going on– lots of extra security and people trying to catch a glimpse!

Once we were on the flight, it was quick and easy….only about an hour and a half.

The Singapore airport was very organized and well labeled. We easily caught a cab and made it to the hotel.  We are staying at the Grand Hyatt (again), and the room is great! I enjoyed Koh Lanta, but I’m not sure how much longer I could handle that bathroom. Justin says that I’m getting too spoiled, but he only has himself to blame for that!!

DSC01115 DSC01116 DSC01119

This hotel room is certainly in the running for one of my favorites. Please excuse the pictures…I was excited to be back at the Hyatt with all its special touches!

DSC01121 DSC01124 DSC01125 DSC01128

For dinner, we ate at one of the restaurants in the hotel. It was a buffet where we got to sample alot of different dishes from Singapore. We found that there is more of an Indian influence to many of the dishes. They also have a good bit Malaysian cuisine. As usual, we didn’t know what alot of the food was, but we ate it and enjoyed it!

OK, I’m getting tired….it’s about 11pm here. I’ll catch up more tomorrow!



6 thoughts on “Singapore

  1. Alyce, Not to put down my wonderful cousin Justin, you write so funny. I feel like you are telling it to me. I laughed so much at your dive stories. I love the room that you are in! I would love that bathroom! Keep the pictures and stories coming! Enjoy reading it everyday! Love you both! XOXOXO

    • Thanks Rachael! I’m not a very “formal” writer. I just like to tell the story from my perspective!
      Glad you are enjoying it!

  2. Love your blogs!! The hotel looks fabulous! I enjoy reading about your adventures everyday! Keep them coming!! Enjoy the lovely bathroom.
    Love y’all…

  3. I am so happy that you are spoiled by all these beautiful rooms and bathrooms!! Keep up the good work Justin!! I love your Heart shirt!!! Enjoy Singapore!!
    Love you both!!

  4. Glad to see you made it to Singapore with no problems. I like uneventful times. As usual the hotel seems so luxurious.One is better than the other.can’t wait to see what y’all do in Singapore. Love you. Mom

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