Thai Cooking School

We just go back to our hotel room after a really fun day!

One of the popular things to do in Thailand is to go to a cooking class that teaches you how to cook local Thai dishes.  There are many many different companies that do this, but Justin’s extensive research led us to “Alot of Thai: Home Cooking Class.” It is a family run business. The chef, Yui, spoke wonderful English and was a pleasure to spend the day with. Her husband, Kwan, picked us up from our hotel (in an adorable light blue VW bus), along with the rest of our group.


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There were only 7 people in our class, which is taught at Yui and Kwan’s house (under the carport). It was a full day (9-5).  In the morning, we made three dishes, then Yuri brought us to the outside market where she buys all the fresh produce for the class everyday.  It was really interesting to be escorted through the market with someone who can tell you about all the different and exotic ingredients being sold. At the market we got fruit smoothies that were so fresh and delicious. I got coconut and Justin got pineapple. Yummmmm!

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After the market, we went back to Yui’s house to learn three more dishes.  This is what we made: pad Thai, hot and sour prawn soup, panaeng curry, stir fried chicken with cashew, spring rolls, and mango sticky rice. Everything was delicious. You can tell that Yui really has a passion for cooking authentic Thai food with fresh ingredients. She was a great instructor!

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It was also fun to get to know the people in our class. There was one 40ish couple from Canada who is spending 3 weeks in Thailand and 1 week in Vietnam. One girl said that she and her husband got married in August, quit their jobs, and have been traveling for the past 6 months. She was from California. The other couple (also from California) were retired and have been doing some extensive traveling. It was fun to share stories about different places we have been.

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I’m so glad that we did this. It was a great introduction to Thailand, it’s food, and culture!!


13 thoughts on “Thai Cooking School

    • The first time I ever had Thai food was with you. It was when I was working at A&R for the first time and we went to that little Thai restaurant by One Shell Square. I loved it….not sure I could replicate the stuff we made here at home!

      • Sing-ha! I loved that place by one shell square. I would love to eat pretty much everything you have posted (aside from cow) and expect some home-cooked asian/thai food on our next visit to NOLA….enjoy the beach

  1. I’m with you Louis!! This is the first thing that I have seen them eat that I actually would love to eat !!! It all looks delicious!! How is the weather there? I was thinking it must have been hot under their carport cooking all day?!? Looking forward to y’alls adventure for tomorrow!! Your package just got delivered! I had to explain to my mailman(Pete) why I was getting a package from Japan!! lol
    Have fun!!
    Love you

    • The weather has been really nice. It’s warm, but not uncomfortably hot (at least for me). I wasn’t hot under the carport. Glad our package was delivered safe and sound!

  2. The Spring Roll things look awesome. You two should be food critics!
    You two sure do love food and the whole art of it! Looking forward to your next post!
    LOVe ya!

  3. How fun!! Looks delicious… Isn’t it fun to meet other Americans that are traveling to learn why they are there and to compare notes! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

    • We have both really enjoyed talking to the different travelers that we have met along the way. There have been many more tourists in Thailand than there were in Japan.

  4. The prawn soup looks amazing! Thai food is the best! PS…u should try to go to a bath house while in Singapore…y’all are going there right? I know, it sounds sketchy, but I heard they are awesome…Laura went to one. U deserve some pampering!

    • Yep, we will be in Singapore in about a week. I’ll have to look into the bath houses. I’m definitely looking forward to some pampering!

  5. This looked like it was so much fun. I can’t wait for some Thai food when y’all get home. You will have to teach me how to cook these dishes. What’s on for tomorrow? Elephants? Tigers? xxxxxooooo

    • It was so much fun, but I think it may be tough to find some of the spices at home. I actually think that there is a lot of Thai food that we could eat on the diet. First, we are going to have to get a wok! We did both the elephants and tigers. We should have pictures of both up soon. Love you XOXOXO

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