It’s Snowing!!

It snowed in Kyoto today!  It was so so beautiful.  I have never seen snow (other than the “snow” that we get in New Orleans).  Although it wasn’t enough for any to accumulate on the ground, it made this amazing city even more special for me.

We spent pretty much the whole day outside (Brrrrrrrr!). I was completely bundled up, but my toes were still frozen.

This is what I had on: T-shirt, wool shirt, fleece, down jacket, rain/wind jacket, wool socks, fleece tights, jeans, 2 pairs of gloves, headband that covers my ears, a wool hat, and a scarf. Somehow, I was still cold. Justin said that he was never taking me skiing!!! I’m surprised that I could walk. Really, I just waddled around all day like an Oompa Loompa. Also, I had my scarf wrapped around my nose and mouth so that only my eyes were showing. So, I really looked like a Muslim Oompa Loompa!


Anyway, I’m glad that I was able to tough out the cold because we saw some really amazing things.


First, we went to the Tenryuji Temple.  This was my favorite spot in Kyoto. I don’t know if it was because the snow was really coming down or the atmosphere, but it was really magical. There was a pond with lots of koi. If It wasn’t so cold, I could have stayed in there all day.  After that, we walked around the bamboo forest.

DSC00646 DSC00643 DSC00640 DSC00634 DSC00633 DSC00623

Then, we took a taxi to the Ryoanji Temple. This temple has a famous rock garden. We had to take off our shoes and put on slippers before entering the rock garden area.  This did not help my freezing feet!!
DSC00657 DSC00652
After that, we walked to the Kinkakuji Temple (Golden Pavillion). This temple is extremely valuable due to the gold leaf coating.
DSC00667 DSC00661 DSC00660

I enjoyed walking around the temples a lot more than I expected.

For our last night in Kyoto, we had sushi. I love love love sushi, and I was so excited to experience sushi in Japan! However, Justin warned me that sushi is extremely expensive in Japan…….we are used to the all-you-can-eat variety in Baton Rouge! When we got there, they handed us a menu (all in Japanese). My eyes looked like saucers, but luckily Justin pulled out some Japanese word (Omakaze) which roughly translates into “feed me.”  So, the sushi chef made us a variety of sashimi.  My favorite was probably the fatty tuna or the cooked fish sashimi. We also had octopus, squid, and a few other types of fish. It was all very very delicious. Although I probably could have eaten 8 more of each type that he gave us (and the bill was over 200$).

Overall, I really enjoyed Kyoto.  I was so different than Hong Kong.

I’m writing this post on the “bullet” train heading to Tokyo. One of the chefs at the hotel said that “Tokyo is like Mars compared to Kyoto.”  I guess we will see for ourselves!

P.S. This post is dedicated to our sweet Holli girl (my family dog) who became an angel today. I love you, Holli, and I know you are in heaven playing with Kelli, Sadie, Abby, Dixie, Skylar, and all the other puppy dogs. I wish I would have been there to see you one last time.

6 thoughts on “It’s Snowing!!

  1. Ok Alyce this is the last time you will make me cry! Kyoto seemed incredible and yes Holli girl is happy playing with her friends that are in heaven! Love you and waiting to hear more! Mom

    • Sorry mom! I was crying too. I know Holli is chasing that big lacrosse ball in the sky….just like she did when she was in her prime 🙂

  2. I love reading your blog! The pictures are incredible! I bet you were freezing… I love that you dedicated your post to Holli. I know y’all had a live-hate relationship in the end but she loved you deep down. I’m going to stay with your boys tomorrow- I don’t know if anyone broke the news about Aunt Holli to them yet. I will make sure they feel extra special and loved. I mis y’all! And can’t wait to hear more!!

    • I was FREEZING!!! I’m loving Japan, but I can’t wait to get to some warmer weather! 90 degrees in Thailand sounds great right now. Plus, I have been wearing the same 2 pairs of jeans since before we left!! Please break the news to my boys about Aunt Holli gently. I think, in the end, they all learned to like each other (although Chunk and Holli had a rocky start!) Thanks so much for going over there and helping out!

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