The flight to Hong Kong

I’m writing this with three hours left on my flight, and I’ve never been so disappointed to only have three hours left on a flight.  The experience in Cathay Pacific first class has literally been unbelievable….and I had thought that I had a pretty good idea of what to expect.

From New Orleans, we flew to Chicago on a regional jet in first class, which was nice but nothing like international first/business.  Basically it is what you see on all domestic flights: the seat is a little wider, there is a little more leg room, and the drinks/snacks are free.

We did not really take advantage of the snacks and just drank some coffee.  The flight attendant was surprised that we didn’t want anything, but nothing really caught our attention.  The flight attendant also noted that the shopping would be very good in Hong Kong and Singapore…Something he seemed very excited about.  Anyway, he was a nice guy.

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