Homeward Bound

We flew from Athens to Turkey to Houston to New Orleans. Long day. I think it was about 20 hours of travel.

The airport in Turkey had an incredible club lounge. We didn’t have much time to spend there, but it was HUGE with a ton of food, drinks etc.

The other thing about the airport in Turkey is that the security situation was super annoying. We didn’t have to go through the general security because we didn’t leave the secure zone but the gate had a completely separate security check. AND, they had two separate lines for men and women. I guess it’s a cultural/religious thing. Justin and James went together, and I went separately. I found it all very inefficient, annoying, and aggravating. They made me take my tablet out of the case (which I didn’t even know how to do). They also made James take his out, but Justin (who had tons of electronics, camera equipment, computers etc) had to do nothing.

Clearly, I was showing too much attitude because Justin gave me a look that told me I better shape up before I wind up in a Turkish prison. THEN, when we were boarding the plane, they told Justin that he had to sit in another seat and didn’t give any more information. Justin goes through alot of painstaking work to book our flights, so that was super annoying. We ended up talking to the flight attendant and everything worked out.

Other than that, the flight was very nice. The food service was very fancy. Justin warns us that we may not be able to fly like this forever. Airlines are making it harder and harder to use these reward miles….. and finding 3 reward seats is getting nearly impossible. But, we will enjoy it while it lasts.

the bread service complete with tea light
Turkish desserts
Quite comfortable

We got home around midnight (New Orleans time). Jet lag hit James and I hard.

Justin had no leg lag. 😡

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