Swimsuit Optional

The main thing that happened yesterday is that we seemed to stumble across a nude beach. Or perhaps that’s the norm, and we were just staying in a more conservative area? Either way, we decided to walk down Plaka beach from Villa Paradise towards an ice cream shop that was recommended to us from a family that James takes karate with. At first it was just a few nude people, but then the number seemed to increase. I’m talking fully nude. Men, women, good body, bad body….. all if it hanging out.

James didn’t say anything (surprisingly), but we decided to turn back before he got too much of an eyeful. I quickly explained that different cultures do different things, and tried to play it cool. He didn’t question it, and we went on our way.

Today, we take a ferry ride to Crete. The ferry schedule is fairly….loose (as in, we are not EXACTLY sure when it’s going to arrive and leave). We turned in our rental car and sat at a cafe along the the water where we aTe a salad, Tzatziki, and drank some wine.

I haven’t mentioned this yet, but all of the food and wine is extremely reasonable. We got a liter of white wine for 12 euros.

The ferry to Crete is about 3 or 4 hours. We are staying in Rethinmo in Crete for just 1 night (about an hour and a half from the ferry).

The next day we are going to drive to the West side of Crete where we will stay 5 nights.

Then a flight to Athens did 1 night and back to New Orleans!

Everything is going great so far. We have loved Naxos.

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