Roatan 2021

I’ll do a quick recap of our family trip to Roatan – mostly with pictures.  I do not have a ton to report on the day to day.  It was mostly diving, snorkeling, eating, drinking, and relaxing.

My parents wanted to do our first family vacation since 2005.  They preferred a Caribbean destination with a pool, beach front, snorkeling, A/C…and preferably not obscenely expensive.  My brother and I actually ended up independently finding the house we’d end up renting.

Roatan was an good option because of the snorkeling and diving.  Also, it is a more reasonably priced island.  Another plus is that it’s not too far of a flight from Houston, so relatively easy travel.

We did have some concerns for a while as to whether the trip would take place…Covid and all.  But it ended up not being a big deal.  We did have to get covid tests to and from the island, but they had very reasonable requirements (unlike Hawaii….).  Masks were sometimes worn on the island, but it wasn’t a big deal either way.

We stayed at Vivaro Roatan Beachfront near the West End area.  It was great for us.  There was plenty of space, we had a beach and pool, and there was a reef a short swim away.  Only complaint is that it is a little tougher to get in/out of if you plan to go into town a whole bunch (no walking), but that was not an issue for us.

Snorkeling was really good.  We all enjoyed swimming around the reef.

The Scuba diving was also very good.  None of the sites were too far, and the reefs had great coral.  Unfortunately, they are battling a coral disease now.  Hopefully, the majority of the coral makes it.

We also did a fun fishing/boat excursion trip.  We caught enough for dinner and got to see more of the island and snorkel.

We ate out a couple times, and I remember the meals being good.    We also had a local lady come cook for us a couple nights, and that was a lot of fun too.  We even did a meal or two on our own as well.

Everyone had a lot of fun on the trip. Hanging out for the week was great.  James too had a blast.  Hopefully, we can do something similar again in the future.

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