Successful Day in Barcelona

Because we had a rocky start to the day due to James’s sleep issues, we decided to have a leisurely morning. Also, Justin and I had lunch reservations at 1:30 so we couldn’t do a ton.

We walked to a nearby market that is much smaller than La Boqueria. We picked up some coffee and breakfast then decided to visit the park to let James play for a while.

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Justin and I ate at Disfrutar. It was a super fancy, artsy type place. This may have been the most interesting meal we have ever eaten. After the first few courses, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it, but it turned out to be really good. A lot of the courses were something different than they actually appeared to be.

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Sam, Nonna, and James went across the street to have some Japanese food. Surprisingly, James actually ate some fried rice so that made everyone happy.

In the afternoon, we wanted to go to the Gaudi park. We took the subway, and it all went smoothly. The only problem is that the walk to the park was extremely uphill. Nonna did very well, but we were all breathing heavily by the time we made it to the top (except for James because we carried him up the stairs in the stroller). The park was very nice, and we got some beautiful views of the city.

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For dinner, we went back to the restaurant, Flauta, and had a nice meal. James was getting very tired so we ate quickly and headed back to the apartment (but not before getting some ice cream).

dsc02089 dsc02091

Tomorrow, we take the train to Madrid, so that should be interesting. I’m praying that it all goes well. Looking forward to seeing a new city, but I’m also ready to get home!


One thought on “Successful Day in Barcelona

  1. Sooooooo loving the Barcelona pics and blog! Especially the city pic framed by the trees with Sagrada Familia in the center! Beautiful! Did you go inside Sagrada Familia? Just amazing. Don’t you just love all the cathedrals in Spain? One on every corner, each more beautiful than the other. James looks happy as can be with his entourage of entertainers. Enjoy your last few days. I know some folks who are anxiously awaiting your return! xoxoxo

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