What started out to be a pit stop on the way to Barcelona turned out to be a really relaxing, beautiful city that we all very much enjoyed (especially Sam and James).

We started out the day by walking over to the beach in Collioure. Sam and Justin walked around the city and took some pictures. Justin is a very fast walker, and I think Sam may have had a little trouble keeping up! James and I stayed at the beach and played in the sand. The sand here is not powder white sand. It is almost pebbly. A much different texture than the beaches that I have been to before. I kinda liked it. Of course, there were a lot of interesting sights on the beach. Men wearing speedos that shouldn’t be wearing speedos. Women in bikinis who shouldn’t be in bikinis etc. James is obsessed with the beach. He could play in the sand for hours and hours.

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When Justin and Sam got back from their walk, we walked over to La Balette for lunch. The restaurant had a beautiful outdoor area overlooking the water. It almost had a Caribbean feel. The water is crystal clear, blue green color. We had a great lunch. The chef made James some homemade fried potatoes. He ate a couple (Justin, Sam, and I ate the rest). After that, we walked back to the apartment.

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We were hoping that James would take a nap, but he wasn’t really feeling that idea. We decided to put on our bathing suits and head to the beach down the road. Unfortunately for Sam, it seems that it was the senior citizens beach. Not a hot guy in sight. Either way, we had a great afternoon sitting on the beach and playing in the water. I think that Sam is a mermaid reincarnated because she didn’t hesitate for a minute to get in the freezing cold water and James was right behind her. We had so much fun looking for sea glass, skipping rocks, and just hanging out. I wish we had a little bit longer here.

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Tomorrow, we head to Barcelona. It’s about a 2.5 hour drive, but it will be broken up with a wine tasting and lunch. When we get there, we have to return the big van (boo). We have really grown to like the old Vianno. Nonna will also be meeting us tomorrow (Yay)!

Looking forward to getting back to Spain!

Au Revoir France, until next time!


3 thoughts on “Collioure

  1. So happy James loves the beach so much!! I love looking at all the pictures!!! Everything here is good!!!
    Love reading the blog….. it makes me not miss y’all as much!!

  2. Just had time to read all the blogs. Everything looks amazing and the pictures are awesome!! Glad everyone is enjoying their time at all the fantastic looking places! James is just adorable and doing very well for a two year old! I know Jena is very excited to get there. Enjoy your time together!! Love y’all !!!

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