RTW/Europe Winter 2014 Concluding Thoughts

We took the long way to Europe…The really long way.  We were on planes for over 30 hours before we even got there.  Was it too much?

RTW WInter 2014

I don’t think so.  When the bulk of your time is spent between Cathay Pacific First Class and Singapore Airline Suites Class, flying is not really a burden – at all.  Still it is a lot of moving around.  I think we were approaching Alyce’s limit when we got to London.  She was fine, but she was also ready for a break.


I don’t know that I’d do it again that way.  Not because it was too much flying…but because I would not want to use that many frequent flyer miles if not necessary.  As previously explained, the flight to Kuala Lumpur was already booked when we thought we were heading to the Maldives, so it was just one additional flight to get to Europe (in Singapore Airlines Suites Class, which I really wanted to try out anyway).

We were both excited to finally make it to Europe.  London was a place I’m glad to have visited, but we won’t be rushing back.  I would like to go back to visit some of the countryside in the UK and Ireland.


We both really enjoyed Paris.  The food was delicious…There was plenty to do…The prices were not outrageous for most things…And it was just a cool place – great description, I know.  It just had an interesting vibe to it.

DSC_9122-2 DSC_9238

Even moreso than the UK, we want to get back to France to explore some of the countryside and wine regions.  Had Alyce not been pregnant, we probably would have done that on this trip…Or actually we might have been in the Maldives.  Either way, France is very high on our list of places to go.

The planning on this trip was very different than the last one.  Our itinerary was not set (completely) until a mere two weeks before our scheduled departure.  Surprisingly, I was still able to book nearly all of what I wanted in terms of dining and activities.  I think it would have been very different had our trip been in the summer.

Overall, it was another very successful trip.  We had no issues to speak of.  All of our bags made it, we never got lost, and we didn’t have any communication barriers that we couldn’t overcome.

I’ve got a feeling that our travel will be very different in the future, but I can say with confidence that it will not be coming to an end – barring something completely unforeseen.  This is what we like to do for a break from work/the real world.  It’s one of our biggest hobbies for lack of a better term.  We absolutely love travelling and – in what some people would probably find a little strange – I actually enjoy planning the travel.  It’s fun to figure out a new place and learn about its unique qualities.

So while things may be different, I hope (and expect) we’ll still travel.


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