Paris, Day 2

For our first full day in Paris, we started at The Louvre.  We walked around the outside of the building, which is impressive in itself, and debated whether or not it was worth going in.  There was a fairly long line to get through security.  We decided to go for it and waited to get through the security line for about 30 minutes.

DSC00533 DSC00534

Once inside, it took another 30 minutes to purchase the tickets. However, I’m glad that we decided to go in and walk around.  Justin and I are not big “art people,” but the museum is absolutely beautiful.  Many of the rooms had breathtaking ceilings, apart from the sculptures and paintings that they housed.  It was very crowded, but The Louvre is so enormous that we never felt claustrophobic.

DSC00536 DSC00544 DSC00548


We saw the Mona Lisa from a distance (behind a million tourists). I’m glad that we can say we saw it, but it isn’t exactly the most impressive thing in the museum.  We both kinda looked at each other and said, “yep, there it is” then moved on.

DSC00541 DSC00543


After The Louvre, we walked to The Notre Dame Cathedral.  On the way, we walked across the River Seine and the bridge with all the padlocks on it.  I think it is a symbol of true love.  I’m not too sure.

DSC00552 DSC00554

The Cathedral is old and beautiful. It was still partially decorated for Christmas, which I love.

DSC00563 DSC00577

After the Cathedral, we took the subway back to the hotel to get ready for dinner.

We ate at the Restaurant Paul Bert.  It is another French Bistro, yet a good bit bigger than L’Ami Jean.  The waiter presents a chalkboard to the table and that is how you order.  Luckily, he was able to give a simple explanation of each dish in English.  Justin ordered the rillette to start with and the baby pig for his entree.  Unfortunately, the waiter got his order mixed up and brought him the veal sweet breads instead.  No big deal, everything was delicious.  I got the scallops to start and the steak and frites as my entree.  They were both great.

DSC00582 DSC00583

For dessert, I got the soufflé and Justin got the creme caramel. Yumm!!


The food in Paris has far surpassed London (not surprisingly!)


2 thoughts on “Paris, Day 2

  1. Your post are great. The pictures are all great of everything. Very interesting! Looks like you are having a great time. I enjoy reading all of your post as they are very thorough and descriptive. I am getting to see the sights that I will never see in person. Thanks!!
    Be careful and enjoy!!
    Love y’all …..
    Aunt Pat

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