We left the London hotel around 9 am and headed for the airport. Guess what? It was raining. Again. We caught a taxi to the Paddington Station and took the Heathrow Express to the airport. All of this was uneventful.


The Heathrow airport is fairly well organized and the security line seemed to move at a decent pace. However, something in my carry on bag was flagged, and it placed at the end of a fairly long line of bags to be searched. I racked my brain as to what could be in there. Toiletries? No. Makeup? No. iPad? No.

I was literally fuming at all the stupid people in front of me that left laptops etc. in their bags.  Didn’t they see the signs? How stupid are these people?!!

When it was finally my turn to get my bag searched, what did they find? A BOTTLE OF WATER!! Seriously, I’ve taken about 30 flights in the last year alone. That is basically travel 101. Uggghhhh! I know better than that!  I think I threw it in my carry on bag before getting off the Singapore Air flight (In a first class stupor) and forgot that I put it in there when we left London. Luckily, we always get to the airport early just in case something unexpected happens (like me being stupid). I guess all’s well that ends well! Let’s just blame it on the pregnancy brain 🙂

Everything else went fine getting to Paris. We flew British Airways (coach), and Justin was even able to finagle some lounge access.  One thing that we noticed is that they didn’t post the gate until about 45 minutes before the plane was scheduled to take off.  The flight took about an hour.

It took about 15-20 minutes to get through customs at Charles de Gaulle, we grabbed our bags, and hopped in a taxi. Taxis are more reasonable in Paris than London.  It was about a 45 minute drive to the hotel and cost about $80 (US).

Here, we are staying at The Park Hyatt- Vendome. This is the Hyatt’s flagship hotel in Paris. It is super nice and super fancy.  It is centrally located and surrounded by stores that I will never be able to afford in my lifetime. Our room is very nice and seems to be very large for the typical European hotel room.  It was about 4 pm by the time we settled in and I………took a nap.

DSC_8528 DSC_8529 DSC_8530

We had dinner reservations at a French Bistro called L’ Amie Jean. We look the subway from the hotel and had a short walk to the restaurant. Our reservations were at 7pm and when we walked in, it seemed like they were still setting up for the dinner service (I think people typically eat later in Paris).  Either way, we were quickly seated in a tiny restaurant. The tables were very close together, and it had a casual/rustic feel about it.

DSC00510 DSC00508 DSC00509

As soon as we were seated, they gave us a basket of sourdough bread, a jar of cornichons, and some pork pâté the size of a bread loaf. Apparently, they way they do things is you make a plate for yourself and they share it with other tables.  We decided to do the tasting menu as there wasn’t that much difference in cost if we would have each had an appetizer and entree.

Everything was delicious! I’m no food blogger, so I’m not going to attempt to describe each dish, but everything was fantastic……and sooooo much food! The highlights for me were the Parmesan soup, the scallop dish, and the rice pudding.

DSC00506 DSC00505

OMG. The rice pudding! I don’t think I’ve ever had rice pudding before, but I am now obsessed with it. When it was time for dessert, they brought us the typical fancy restaurant looking dessert.  Then they put a big communal bowl of rice pudding in the middle of the table with a small glass dish of salted caramel cream and another with nuts/granola. It was heavenly.  Needless to say, I think that Paris is going to make my moderate baby bump into a big baby bump.  I could kiss the person who created maternity pants.


I think I’m going to skip breakfast tomorrow………nah!

Looking forward to exploring the city.  By the way, it’s about 55 degrees here.  I hope everyone is staying warm in Louisiana


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