London, Day 2

Sooooo, we woke up a bit late. But the Saints won!

We jumped out of bed, got dressed, grabbed some coffee and headed for the Subway station.  In London, they call it “the tube.”

We rode”the tube” to St. Paul’s Cathedral. It is beautiful!

DSC00384 DSC00390

Then, we walked to the Tower of London.  Here, we took a tour led by a true Beefeater and heard lots of stories about British history, executions, and the royal menagerie.  We also got to see the Crown Jewels and the Royal Armory.  I loved the jewels! The Queen Mother’s sceptre has a 530 carat diamond at the top! We also got to see all the jeweled crowns and other opulent ceremonial pieces worn during coronations.

DSC00398 DSC00400 DSC00409 DSC00410

After that, we walked over the Tower Bridge, which is over the River Thames.  The Tower Bridge is way more impressive looking than London Bridge.  London Bridge is pretty plain and no, it’s not falling down 🙂


Then we look the tube to see the London Eye (ferris wheel) and Big Ben.

DSC00437 DSC00446 DSC00450

I was exhausted by this point, so we headed back to the hotel. We decided to cancel the dinner reservations and eat the canapés and other small bites provided in the lounge.  So far, we have spent money on 1 meal in 6 days.

The rest of the evening, we hung out, watched football, and caught up on blogging.

Looking forward to seeing Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, and Parliament tomorrow!

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