Blog Updates/Housekeeping

Alyce just informed me that she put the link to the blog on facebook.  Things have changed some since many of you have probably been here.

First and foremost…See the blue words “continue reading” immediately below?  Click them.

One of several things I did to speed up the blog was only display partial posts.  So to keep reading you have to click the continue reading button.  That’s probably obvious to most of y’all, but I figured I’d point it out just in case.

I also went back and resized some of the pictures, so pages should scroll much more smoothly now.

In terms of content, I finished all or my trip reports – or wrap ups.  Everything from Sydney forward has been completed since we got home.  I also began to go in to the planning of the trip.

In the coming days, I’ll have posts on saving with hotel and flight bookings among other things.  So stick around if that interests you.

And if you do read the posts, don’t hesitate to comment.

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