Nope, that’s not another country that we added to the trip!  It’s a wonderful, tropical fruit that we have tried and LOVE!  Even Justin “I don’t like fruit” Ittmann has been really enjoying all the fresh tropical fruit.  His two favorites are pineapple and mangosteen.  He even ordered a plate of mangosteen with his breakfast (never thought I’d see the day when Justin ordered extra fruit instead of extra meat)!!


Mangosteen mainly grow in Southeast Asia.  They have a purplely red outside and are white on the inside.  It actually looks like a head of garlic.  It’s sweet, a little tangy, and delicious.  I’ve never seen them in the US.  Although, if I would have seen them, I wouldn’t have known what it was until now.


We have also been having passion fruit, guava, dragon fruit, and papaya on a regular basis.  I’m going to be pretty sad when I get home and get back to apples and bananas!

For whatever reason, I felt that this deserved a whole post.  I think I’m running out of things to talk about!


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