Beach Bums

I can’t believe that our time in the Maldives is over half way done!  We have been having a great time!  I think that this was the perfect ending to the big trip before we start heading home (6 more nights!).


We have been doing alot of snorkeling and hanging out by the beach.  The snorkeling is incredible.  We have seen tons of tropical fish, coral, and reef sharks.  Unfortunately, I got sunburned the first day.  The sun is incredibly hot.  The Maldives is pretty much on the equator.  Even though I put on ALOT of sunscreen and had on my swim shirt, the back of my legs and butt burnt!  Now, I have to wear my wetsuit to snorkel, and I hate hate hate putting on my wetsuit.  Ugggggghhhh!


Today was the first day that we went scuba diving.  We wanted to do the morning 2 tank dive, but the boat was full, so we did a 1 tank afternoon dive of a reef.  Justin has been less than impressed with some of the policies of the dive shop, but I’ll let him go into that if he wants to.  There was a total of 4 divers (including us).  The boat was very nice.  It is probably my favorite dive boat so far.

The guide told us that this was an easy dive with very little current.  Well, that couldn’t be further from the truth! The current was pretty bad….probably one of the worst that we’ve dived in.  It was a nice dive with lots of fish and coral, but I wouldn’t say that we saw anything much better that we did while snorkeling the house reef.

The food here has been very good.  Lots of fresh seafood!  Tonight, we ate on the beach.  One of the restaurants had a Maldivian BBQ, so we got to try alot of different dishes.  Everything was very good.  They use tuna in many different ways, and they also had several different curry dishes.

DSC02524 DSC02529 DSC02531

Tomorrow, we are doing the morning dive.  Hopefully, we will see some great things!


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  1. Now this looks like my kind of vacation!!! It truly does look like paradise!!! Can’t wait for more pics!!! Enjoy the rest of your time!!!
    Love y’all XXOO

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