We made it to the Maldives yesterday around 5am after 20 hours of traveling.  As I was sitting in a boat in the middle of the night after three flights, I was thinking “this better be worth it.”  To be perfectly honest, if someone told me that I could go to the Maldives or go home, I would have chosen to go home…..without hesitation.  I just wasn’t sure that I had another long day of travel left in me.  I was so terribly exhausted by the time we got here.  We collapsed into bed and looked forward to seeing the beautiful beach and water in the morning.

When we woke up, all the hours of traveIing immediately became worth it!  It looks like we stepped into a postcard: clear water, blue sky, and white sand.  It’s hard to describe and better than it looks in the pictures.


DSC02496 DSC02502 DSC02499

Here, we are staying at the Park Hyatt in an over-the-water villa.  It’s pretty incredible.  You can literally sit on the porch, look in the water, and see tons of tropical fish swimming around.  The water is as clear as bath water, and the whole resort is surrounded by a beautiful reef.

DSC02481 DSC02487


We spent the day relaxing and snorkeling.  We were able to swim into the water from our villa.  So nice!!!  We even saw a few reef sharks!

XOXO Alyce

8 nights and counting.

7 thoughts on “Maldives

  1. It looks amazing!! I’m glad it has met your expectations. I have always always wanted to stay in a bungalow over beautiful water. Can’t wait to hear about the diving!! Have fun and relax which I don’t think will be too hard:)

  2. It looks beautiful!!! Enjoy your last days on yours and Justin’s unbelievable adventure!! Relax and have fun!!! Looking forward to more beautiful pictures!!!

  3. Wow! I think that is where the movie stars vacation! Have you seen any? Thanks for sharing your travels with us. The pictures have been breathtaking and the descriptions informative and very entertaining!!! Love you all! xoxo

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