A Goanna in the House……that’s it, I’m done with nature!

Yesterday, we slept in a little bit then decided to head to the main national park of Kangaroo Island, Flinders Chase National Park.  We saw several of the sights such as: the Lighthouse, Seal Bay, Admiral’s Arch, and the Remarkable Rocks.  We really enjoyed all the walks and took some beautiful pictures.


DSC02224 DSC02231

DSC02233DSC02247 DSC02252

When we got home, we had a visitor by the front door: a goanna.  The goanna is a lizard-type animal that is native to this area.  Supposedly, they help keep the snakes away from the house– something that I certainly appreciate!  However, the goannas are not as cute as the wallabies and kangaroos.  We were told that it was OK to feed them some meat scraps.  So, I picked off some chicken and we gave it to him.  Well, once we gave him a little bit, he wanted more and more!  He kept looking at us through the windows and scratching at the glass.  He even climbed up the screen door!  Obviously, like “fatty” the wallaby, he is used to getting fed by the visitors as the house.


Well, we had the doors open with the screens closed because it is pretty warm in here in the afternoons (remember…no A/C).  The goanna kept trying to get us to feed him.  He went to the back door and continued to scratch at the screen.  He was making such a ruckus that we just tried to ignore him.  We noticed that it had gotten quiet, so Justin went to check out what he was doing…….he was inside!!


He busted through the screen on the back door and let himself in.  Obviously, I screamed, jumped on the sofa, and yelled at Justin to deal with it.  We still had some chicken in the fridge.  I told Justin to roll the chicken carcas out the door (hoping that he would follow it).  Eventually, Justin made a trail of chicken scraps and Mr. Goanna followed it out the back door where he came from.  That’s it.  I’m done.

DSC02264 DSC02265

Today, I haven’t left the house.  I stayed in pajamas all day and watched movies (My Cousin Vinny and Father of the Bride).  I decided to take a pass on the nature walk that Justin went on!  I’m definitely not complaining about being on vacation, but I need a break.  I’m tired of having a camera in my face everyday.  Sometimes, I don’t want to get dressed and put on makeup!!  Tomorrow is our last day in Australia and then we are off to Bali!

XOXO Alyce


4 thoughts on “A Goanna in the House……that’s it, I’m done with nature!

  1. The pictures are just beautiful!!! But OMG with the lizard thing!! I would have reacted just like you. Snakes & lizards definitely scare me!! I am sure Bali will be very nice. Can’t wait to see all the sights with y’all. This has been an amazing adventure for you.
    Be safe!! Love y’all….

  2. Alyce I with you. Keep the goannas out! Although I did find it funny . Better you than me. Let me know when you get to Bali! Love you!

    • Blake, you would have loved this place! That goanna was a rotten egg. He couldn’t accept that we didn’t have anymore chicken for him, so he had to bust through the screen to see for himself!

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