Next stop…Australia

We are currently in the Emirates lounge, which is what Qantas is using while their first class lounge is being renovated. It is very nice.

Alyce has already proclaimed that she will be changing in to her pajamas “toot sweet” as soon as we get on the plane, which she then attempted to make less nerdy – but not by much – by changing it to “in a jiffy” after I gave her a confused look.

Anyway, here are some pictures.




5 thoughts on “Next stop…Australia

  1. I object to this post! Just because I use words like toot sweet does not may be a nerd. I think Justin had too much to drink in the lounge…….. 🙂

  2. Sounds like you both had to much to drink!! Y’all are too funny!! Alyce I must say I’ve never herd that saying “tootsweet” but I have herd “in a jiffy”! I don’t think you sound like a nerd maybe an old soul but not a nerd! Justin you are so right I am loving hearing from y’all and it is way more then when y’all are in Baton Rouge. Keep it up, please?!? Safe travels!! Love y’all XXOO

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