Well, it was bound to happen eventually……

Disclaimer: Justin told me not to post this story because it may make some people nervous (mom and Mrs. Leigh), but, in the interest of full disclosure, I’m posting it anyway!  I promise, everything turns out fine in the end!

Today was a rainy day….the FIRST rainy day that we have had since we left for our trip (miracle!). We waited around most of the day until the rain slacked up then decided to go to the Marina Bay Sands.  Marina Bay Sands is three buildings with (what looks to be) a boat on top.  We tried to take a picture of it from the taxi, but it didn’t come out great. Anyway, if you google a picture of it, you can really get an idea of what I’m talking about. There are tons of shops, restaurants, theaters, and a hotel in it. I don’t know how some of these stores have enough business to stay open! There are so so many high end stores that it is incredible!



Once we decided to venture out in this nasty weather, we also decided to try out the Singapore subway system.  I think that this was the most crowded subway so far. We couldn’t get over the people! Plus, it didn’t seem like the trains came quite as often as Hong Kong or Tokyo.

DSC01215 DSC01214

Anyway, we were waiting for our first train, and it was extremely crowded.  There was a huge group of people waiting to get on the subway.  Well, the subway finally came and everyone was filing in to the jam packed car.  All of a sudden, I heard, “doors are closing.”  Justin jumped on the train, but I didn’t make it.  I got left in the station.  Alone.  In a foreign country.

First, I sat down on a bench and weighed my options.

1.  I could sit on the bench and wait for Justin to come back to get me

2.  I could try to get back to the hotel

3.  I could get on one of the next trains and try to meet Justin at the end of the line.

I’m sure that it won’t be a huge surprise to anyone who knows us that Justin handles EVERYTHING on our trips.  And when I say everything, this is no exaggeration.  I am responsible for nothing.  I do not hold my passport, plane ticket, subway ticket, or wallet.  Basically, he gives me my stuff to get through security/ immigration then I hand it back to him.  Ridiculous? Maybe, but that’s the way it has always worked for us.  He does things better than me, and I have no problem admitting that fact.  Plus, I don’t like to be weighed down with alot of stuff.  I don’t even carry a purse.

So, here I am in the subway station by myself.  In my pockets, I have a camera and a lip gloss (you know, the real essentials).  No money, credit card, ID, or subway pass (which I would have needed to get out of the station).

First, I sat on the bench right where we were separated…..and this is where I should have stayed.  But, for some reason, I though that maybe Justin wanted me to get on the next train and meet him, so that’s what I did.  As soon as the doors of the train shut, I knew that I made a big mistake and my eyes started to well up with tears.  I wasn’t 100% sure what stop I was supposed to get off.  So, I got off at the one that I thought it was supposed to be and frantically looked for Justin.  Unfortunately, I didn’t see him.

Then, I decided to look for someone who worked in the station.  I went up a set of escalators and saw a booth that said “passenger services.” I hysterically told the story to the lady behind the glass (half crying).  She gave me a piece of paper to write down Justin’s name and description, then she got on the phone to call different areas.  But, somehow, I just knew that Justin would find me.  As I was waiting for her to get off the phone, I saw Justin get off the escalators (he looked as frantic as I did).  Halleluja!  I was found!

Of couse, he went back to the place where we first got separated (which is where I should have stayed in the first place).  When he didn’t see me there, he was running all over the subway station looking for me.  Oh well, everything turned out fine.  Now, we have a plan in place if we ever get separated again!  Also, Justin said (partly joking) that he was going to buy me one of those backpack leashes that you see the little kids wearing in the airport.  In the backpack will be the credit card that he gave me especially for this trip in case of emergencies.  I think that I’ve carried it with me twice the whole trip.  Lesson learned.

I just want to add that I never ever felt unsafe. Singapore is one of the safest countries in the world so I knew that I would be OK. I just wasn’t sure how I was going to get around without any money!

Once we were re-united, we had a mediocre early dinner at Pizzeria Mozza (a Mario Batali restaurant) and went up to the Ku de’ Ta club on the 57th floor.  Our plan was to have a glass of wine and enjoy the beautiful view.  Unfortunately, I could hear the bass/ club music getting off the elevator.  We walked in, realized that it wasn’t our scene and left.  I’m sure that it would have been much nicer if it wasn’t raining, but I was already traumatized from my experience earlier, and I didn’t want to add a headache.



We made it back to the hotel to go to the club lounge for free drinks and snacks.

DSC01220 DSC01219 DSC01211

Tomorrow, we leave for Australia.  We have an 8 hour flight to Sydney, then a connecting flights to Cairnes.  Then, we are driving about 2 hours to Port Douglas.  It will be Monday night in New Orleans by the time we get there.  Hopefully, there won’t be too much delay in blog posts.  We will do our best!

We will wake up at 7 am to watch the Superbowl.  Weird!

I am loving all the facebook posts about New Orleans and the Superbowl.  I may be half way around the world, but my heart is in New Orleans.  I know that our city will make us proud!

Who Dat!?!?

XOXO Alyce

P.S. I included some pictures of the dogs because I miss them.  I wish that Chunk was sleeping in the chair in the suite and Moose (my couch potato) was laying on the sofa.  Love my boys 🙂

Sam and Tyler, give them a big kiss from mom and dad!!!!


DSC_0127 DSC_0179 DSC_0157 DSC_0139

10 thoughts on “Well, it was bound to happen eventually……

  1. Made me cry thinking of you 2 looking for each other in a foreign country….Thank God he found you!! Please keep a credit card and some cash with you at all times!!! Please email us when you get to Port Douglas…..be careful driving……….Love y’all XXOO

    • I promise, I was FINE! Luckily, we found each other pretty quickly! Now we have a plan in case it happens again, and I have realized that I can’t be so dependent on Justin…….just in case!!!

  2. Glad you warned me about this post Alyce. Go buy a” Fanny Pack ” and put identification , cash and a credit card in it!!!!!! Glad you all found each other. Talk soon. Love you MOM xoxoxo

    • I learned a few lessons that day! I really just had to laugh (eventually) when I realized what I had in my pockets. I don’t like to be weighed down with alot of stuff!

  3. Hey!!!!! I’m totally living through your trip! It’s so awesome that y’all are posting all of the great things y’all are getting to do! Don’t forget to let me know if you need me to check on the babies for you!

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