Drinks at the New York Bar at the Park Hyatt Tokyo

I apologize for the cell phone pictures, but they should give you an idea of where we’re at. 20130120_173851 20130120_173640 20130120_173635

5 thoughts on “Drinks at the New York Bar at the Park Hyatt Tokyo

  1. I don”t know how to express how wonderful the skype call during Gramps 90th birthday party was. I don’t think you could see it in your side of the call but he was soooo excited he started clapping. He couldn’t believe he was actually talking and looking at the two of you in JAPAN. It was a very fun party and we certainly missed ya’ll but it was really nice that everybody got to see you and say hello for a little while. The unanimous discussion after the call was that everybody wanted to be doing what ya’ll are doing. ALL the pictures are wonderful as is the commentary. I don’t think ya’ll have any idea how many people are keeping up with the site, but I’m telling you it seems like everybody. Maybe they don’t post comments because they just don’t like to type, or can’t like me.
    Anyway, glad you are having a fantastic time. Alyce, you’ll be in much warmer (tropical) weather soon. It will be pitch the coats and gloves and break out the bikini.
    Keep the posts coming.
    Love, DAD

    • We loved getting to see everybody too, and I could definitely tell that Gramps was happy. I’m glad we could make it work out with the timing. We’ll be leaving the snow for 90+ degrees in a little over a day, and I think we are both ready for it. We’ll call home again soon…Justin

      • your blog is entertaining me on my 2 weeks of night shift service at the hospital. It is 3AM and -3 degrees here in Ann Arbor so looking forward to some Thailand beach posts. Live it up for us! -patrick

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