Macau and Michelin Stars

On our third day in Hong Kong we took the ferry to Macau.  Macau (pronounced Ma-Cow) is a small Portuguese country know for casinos and gambling!  The ferry ride was about an hour long.  You have to bring your passport, because you are technically going into another country.  When we got there, we walked around the historical areas first.  It is very different looking than Hong Kong.

The buildings are very colorful, and it has a much different vibe than Hong Kong.  There are several areas with shops and markets. Many of the shops were selling something that was similar to beef jerky (but they didn’t call it beef jerky). It was some sort of dehydrated sheet of meat (beef, pork, boar etc.).  All the places were giving out samples. Justin tried it. I wouldn’t.

DSC00440 DSC00425

DSC00423 DSC00422


After walking around the historic areas, we went to the Grand Lisboa hotel to eat at Robuchon au Dome.  This is a Joel Robuchon restaurant that has 3 Michelin stars).
Robuchon is one of the most famous chefs is the world, known for his French cuisine. Yes,we traveled all the way to Asia and ate French food, and it was one of the best meals that I’ve ever had.  We had a 5 course menu including: appetizer, soup, seafood, meat, and cheese (plus an amuse bouche, coffee, and “confections”).  Everything was AMAZING!!!!  From the bread basket and butter cart (yes, butter cart!) to the coffee and confections. I’m no food critic, but everything at this restaurant was first class.
This is what Justin got:
appetizer: some fancy crab meat thing (clearly, I am not a food blogger either)
Soup: Jerusalem artichoke veloute
seafood: frog legs
meat: quail stuffed with Foie gras (Justin’s favorite)
This is what I got:
appetizer: Foie gras terrine with Jerusalem artichoke and kumquat (my favorite!)
Soup: seafood bisque
seafood: salmon
meat: wagyu beef burgers with foie gras
P.S. I haven’t eaten bread in 5 months, but I swear I ate an entire bread basket!
Then came the cheese cart.  We each got to choose 3 different cheese.  They also had a dessert cart, but I will pick cheese over dessert any day!
I guess that’s all I’ll say about it to avoid sounding pretentious, but it was a really really great meal.
DSC00465 DSC00460 DSC00457 DSC00446
DSC00458DSC00456 DSC00450 DSC00447
Oh, one more thing.  The bathroom was the fanciest bathroom that I have ever been in.  The door opened automatically, then the lid lifted automatically, and the seat was heated.  There was a panel on the wall with several different “cleaning” options.  I didn’t explore any of those.  Anyway, it was a big step up from the hole in the ground that I experienced the day before.
Also, I was horrified that I had to wear jeans to a Robuchon restaurant even though Justin swore to me that it would be OK.  Of course, Justin was right but I’ll never tell him that.

The rest of the day, we walked around the casinos, which were over-the-top gaudy.  Everything was gold and shiny…..not my taste but I have to remember that different cultures like different things!  We played one slot machine and lost our money within 5 minutes……but it was a great day overall!!!

DSC00480 DSC00478 DSC00474



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  1. WOW!! very fancy dinning!! I hope Justin got that suit a little bigger!! Had no idea they had casinos in Hong Kong…… I want to see that bathroom!
    Looking forward to seeing Japan!! Have and be careful……
    Love y’all XXOO

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